Typical Day

dog day
Remember, “outdoors”, “in the woods”, “hike”, etc. all mean Inside the Securely Fenced Three Acre Grounds of the Cottage.  This is the Fence as seen from outside the property, it’s six feet tall:
dog fenceand from inside. Actually, it’s doubled; I used to have a 4 ft fence and left that one when I added the 6 ft… that much more dog-security  Fence inside

Typical Day at the Cottage:
* The Day Begins with Snuggles…..     8

All dogs who sleep in bed with me, or in the Bedroom get snuggles and hugs while I wake-up.
* Up and out of bed and everybody Outside for Morning PeePees.
* Help Anna with Morning Chores
* Back in the House for Doggie Breakfast… lowolfhound.21155914_std

served in the Kitchen or private Dining area (the Foyer is handy for this, so is the bathroom or the bedroom – some dogs just need to be by themselves while eating and that’s fine)
<the Kitchen at Wagadilly Cottage
* Outdoor and indoor Play
* More Outdoor and indoor play, alternating with relaxing in the Great Room with Anna while she does housework and email
* Afternoon:  Free Time to chase squirrels, dig tunnels, find the best stick, bury bones & play Tag and Hide & Go Seek with the other dogs.
Pooch Reads
* Six PM Doggie Dinner
* Outside for Evening Ball Throw with Anna

* After Dark, mostly lounging in the Great Room with Anna, watching Animal Channel and Lassie re-runs
* Before Bed Time, Everyone Outside for Final PeePees.
* Into Sleep locations
* Nite-Nite Cookies * Tuck-in * followed by Sweet Doggie Dreams

*Next Day… Wake up and Repeat!  Dogna

Kennels, cages & crates:
I don’t use them and I put in writing, in our Dog Care Agreement, that your Dog will not be in one… unless you want it.  This is Customized Care and I do understand that some dogs find it comforting and familiar.  You know your dog best and I will do what you tell me.

paw prints

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