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“A Cozy Cottage Destination for the Discerning Dog”


A calm, quiet, relaxed environment Welcoming a Select Few
well-behaved canine citizens who get along nicely with others.
Spayed Ladies and Neutered Gents, only.
Dogs stay together, loose in my house, free to lounge on the furniture, like Family.
No dog ever “has” to be outdoors for any period of time (other than long enough for pottying).
This unstructured arrangement is not a good fit for dogs of breeds that were selectively bred for Dog Fighting.  Sorry, but no Pit Bulls, Am Staffs or any aggressive dogs.

“While I’m taking care of your Dog, I also take care of you!  I fully understand your concerns, and the simple fact that You miss your precious Doggie!  I’ll be in daily contact with you, sending pictures and Videos!  so you can see for yourself that He/She is Happy, Calm, Comfortable and having a Great Time with New Friends! “              Anna James

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Dogs Stay in my House (shown above) with me (and I am Home Full-time!) and get to Run & Play in my Dog-Secure Fenced Yard
For questions & Reservations Email is my Preferred way:  Anna at   wagadilly@outlook.com
or  304-496-7313 LandLine 




Dog Daycare

1Thanks for considering Wagadilly Cottage for your Dog Care needs.  Here’s the Information you probably want to know first:
Rates:  Sleep-overs are $25 per Night, per Dog

Wagadilly Cottage: A Private Residence that Welcomes Dogs for In-Home Sleep-overs, Training & Socialization.  This is not a Kennel, it’s just my home. Though designed to look like an Old English Cottage, the house was built in 2011 and is up-to-date, providing central AC and Heat to keep Guest Dogs in comfort.

The Grounds: Three gorgeous, wooded acres. Totally Fenced with a 6-foot tall,  Dog-Proof Fence IMGP2815LOWSLOW
The Back Yard: A Lovely, Separately  Fenced area about half an acre, attached to the house, just outside the French Doors.  The Deck is popular for Sunning and Relaxing, there are paths and areas for exploring and play.
* No Guest Dogs are EVER forced to be outside – ever! Everyone has their choice of being in the house or outside… all the time.  At bedtime, we have “final potty time” and then everyone sleeps inside my house.
Location: In the glorious Nature of Hampshire County, WV;  40 minutes west of Winchester, Va 22601.  About 2 hours from Washington, D.C.

Transportation: If my schedule permits, the Wagadilly Limo may pick-up your dog(s) from the Winchester, Va area, or locations close-by.  Limo          limoFlea and Tick

“Nothing about this place happened by accident. Anna has taken a lifelong love of animals and combined it with extraordinary intuition, sensitivity, knowledge and skills as a dog expert. Then she created an ideal physical environment in which to train and care for dogs. It’s truly amazing.

Kennels, cages & crates: I don’t use them and I put in writing, in our Dog Care Agreement, that your Dog will not be in one… unless you insist. This is Customized Care and I do understand that some dogs find it comforting and familiar.  You know your dog best and I will do what you tell me.

Letters Home    I encourage Guests to WRITE HOME via email or text EVERY DAY and they sometimes include a short Video

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Here’s a little tour of Wagadilly Cottage, starting from the Front Gate.  When not playing outside, the dogs are usually lounging around the Kitchen/Great Room Area; combined, these are the size of a three-car garage – so, plenty of nice, open space.  I’m usually doing house work, or sending updates and photos to Guest Dogs’ Parents, or working on my Art.  I am home full-time!

Note from a Guest:

My grandfather used to say “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”. He was right. But Grandpa never visited Anna’s Wagadilly Cottage – that tiny, magical slice of Doggie Heaven in the woods of West Virginia. Anna’s cottage is a place that was conceived, designed and built exclusively for the happiness and safety of the lucky dogs who visit or live there.
     A couple of years ago, we rescued a scared, scrawny, sick, hound mix puppy named Bailey. Bailey is now a healthy, sweet girl and a great dog, but even after 2 years of love and care, she’s still fearful and skittish. She often trembles in fear and tries to run and hide in new or scary situations. So, any time we’ve gone out of town, it’s been a challenge finding a place that we could trust to provide loving, secure boarding. Then we discovered Anna’s place. For us, the cottage represents an ideal solution to our problem. For Bailey, Anna’s cottage seems like heaven on earth. The property is special. It feels like it could have been created by a committee of dogs who provided their vision and directions to an attentive human being for implementation. Then, the human (Anna) carefully followed their guidance through the building process.
     What makes Wagadilly so special? Everything! The 3 acre wooded compound is surrounded by a 6 foot high stockade fence with a double gated entrance. No distractions, no cars, no escapes. This small world is totally self contained. The canine guests are free to wander as they wish. Want to chase squirrels & chipmunks? Knock yourself out. Want to look at the fish in the fish pond? Go ahead (and, by the way, feel free to take a dip if you’re so inclined). Want to stare at Anna’s flock of snow white Doves? No problem – they have their very own custom made birdhouse with a  protection barrier – so have fun. Do you enjoy barking at the chickens and roosters? That’s fine – they live in the chicken house in the enclosure over there. Feeling a bit tired? Ready to stretch out for a nap in the sun? No worries – there’s plenty of space for alone time. Make yourself at home.
     But that’s just the outside! Anna’s cottage in the woods looks like something out of a story book. Every aspect of this house was built with dog guests in mind. Here are the rules: Want to curl up on the sofa? Go ahead. Want to snooze and cuddle with your new best friend? There she is. Want to play? There’s always a pup ready to chase around around the kitchen. Want privacy? Snuggle in any of the dog sized nooks and crannies that are built into the shelves. Sleep alone, sleep on the floor, sleep with your friends, or sleep with Anna in her dog friendly bed. Have to tinkle? Have a lot on your mind and can’t sleep at night? Come in and out of the house at your pleasure. The front door is often open (weather permitting) and the doggie entrance/exit is never closed.
     This place is magical. But the magic would not be complete without the quiet, confident and gentle presence of our hostess – Anna, the resident dog whisperer. Before our first visit to the cottage, Anna gave us specific written instructions about how to behave when we arrived with Bailey. We followed her instructions and walked on a short path through the woods and into the cottage , We were greeted by Anna and several dogs of every size and description. There was no barking, no jumping and no running. We dropped Bailey’s leash (as instructed) and watched her explore the house and say hello to the other dogs. After a few moments we all strolled outside. As we walked the property, talking to Anna, we watched Bailey as she ran, sniffed, pee’d, investigated, and took a short dip in the shallow and safe fish pond. Within moments, Bailey was confidently checking out everything and everyone around her. Her head was held high, and her tail pointed straight up as she pranced around the property and around the house. She acted like she owned the place.
     Neither the cottage, the property nor the relaxed, harmonious environment that Bailey reacted to simply materialized through good luck or coincidence. Nothing about this place happened by accident. Anna has taken a lifelong love of animals and combined it with extraordinary intuition, sensitivity, knowledge and skills as a dog expert. Then she created an ideal physical environment in which to train and care for dogs. It’s truly amazing.
     If you are looking for training, boarding, or both, Anna’s Wagadilly Cottage is an absolute treasure.
Steve & Ellen Weiss
Fairfax, Virginia


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