anna  Hello – I’m Anna James, owner of Wagadilly Cottage and Hostess & Care Giver to visiting Dogs.  I was born an animal lover and Dogs are the best of all !  I designed and built my home, specifically to accommodate dogs and hope to share it with yours whenever you need a home-away-from-home for them – with lots of love & cuddles.
Contact me at  wagadilly@outlook.com

Customized Care for Your Dog(s)
Wagadilly Cottage is a Home, not a “kennel”, and your Dog(s) become Family Members while they visit.  Very little is “off-limits” here, as far as I’m concerned.  But if you prefer I have your dog  maintain more “boundaries” and rules while here, just tell me.
I designed this house and yard specifically for Dogs.  So, the house, floor and furniture is virtually “dog-proof”.  Dogs can sleep wherever they/you want; in the bed with me, in the bed room with me, in the Great Room… whatever is best.  suzie
The house has a dog door so, unless you say differently, your dog(s) can run in and out as they please.
Kennels, cages & crates: I don’t use them and I put in writing, in our Dog Care Agreement, that your Dog will not be in one… unless you want it.  This is Customized Care and I do understand that some dogs find it comforting and familiar.  You know your dog best and I will do what you tell me.chaseNo other humans live here, and the environment is very light, bright, happy and healthy.  No smoking, no alcohol, and, certainly, no drugs are here – ever… it’s a very wholesome home.  I am a mature woman with decades of dog experience.  I used to be a Nurse, and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  So I am better prepared than most to deal with First Aid issues in dogs, and keep an extensive kit of medical supplies on hand. Veterinarians are in the area, should the need arise.                                   Imprimir
Safety is always the first priority, so the Three Acre Grounds are secured with six-foot tall fencing.  Inside, your Dog can enjoy what amounts to his or her own, personal Dog Park.  Even better, actually, because with all the trees, paths, bushes, smells and things to do – it’s better than most Dog Parks!


baby fey
Happiest Day – My first Borzoi, Faberge, arrived Reagan Airport. I had dreamed for ten years of having a white Borzoi.
First kiss
First Kiss – of millions
Anna and Fey
Mother & Doghter outfits at Scottish Parade, Alexandria., Va


The Farm I made in Virginia  1992
On the Cover of Washingtonian with Fey and Rapunzel
Anna with Chaucer
Baby Chaucer – one of many farm animals I had; most were Rescues
Anna Barney Bella
Anna holding “Bella Linda, Her Highness, the Goddess of Everything” and Barney – World’s Best Dog –  during Medieval themed Wedding held at the Farm
Fiona McGee

Anna and Nanna

PERCY and me




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