The full, 20 Section, 309 page Dog Training for Dog Moms Course. Includes at no additional charge: Individual Email and Phone support, instruction, answers, solutions and more specific training for your unique Dog problems, if needed.


PayPal will notify me as soon as you pay, then I will let you know I got it by replying to you at whatever email you use for PayPal. 
PayPal will let you pay with any Debit or Credit Card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account – just look carefully for that Link. 
If none of that works for you, just email me and we’ll find a way for you to sign-up that works for you.   Anna  wagadilly@gmail.com

The Woman to Wolf Course is a wonderful Present for any woman you care about who is struggling with a Dog problem, or who has just become a Dog Mom!  To have it Presented nicely as a Gift, just email me and we’ll arrange that, with a Gift Note.

I’m so pleased to introduce you to Woman To Wolf, a Dog Training Course created by me – specifically for Dog Moms.
As you may have suspected before,  to address the issues you have with your Dog, we first need to work on you.  

Woman to Wolf is an online course that will guide you through this and will transform you into the Strong, Confident, Assertive Pack Leader that your Dog needs you to be.
Then we move on to all the Specific Dog Training Techniques listed BELOW… and much more!
Formatted for Computers and Tablets and Phones.  So you can proceed through the Course wherever you are!
As soon as you Purchase the Course and provide me with your Email, you will receive Confirmation of your Purchase, a Link and a Password.  The Link will bring you back to here – to a different Section that will ask for that Password.

You’ll see The Course there.
If this isn’t good for you, just tell me what you prefer and I’ll provide it that way, I’ll send it to your Email, if you prefer. 
The Course is 20 Sections, a total of 309 pages.  It includes interesting and beautiful pictures, some diagrams, and links to some short video clips via YouTube.

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