All Dog Parents need the OnLine Training Courses offered HERE. That’s your starting point, your basics, the answers to the common questions, as well as Puppy info and a Guide to choosing the Right Dog for You! It’s only $50 and will save you time & money, because no “in person” training will work well until you have learned what’s in this Course.



I’ve spent a lifetime loving dogs – and gathering information about giving them a long, happy life and helping them to be Successful Family Members!
That is my goal when Training Dogs and Puppies – to help them become Successful Family Members.
I offer Train and Board for $50 per night your dog is with me: the dog or pup stays in my home, and gets my three fenced acres for fun and play. I do not have pens, runs or cages.  I don’t use crates unless you specifically want it.  Your dogs lives loose in my house while here (please browse the other pages of this site to see more about that).  I designed my house  (which I built in 2011) specifically for dogs; my Dog Door, combined with the help of my own dogs, makes it much easier to get the idea “dogs go outside for pottying” into a pup’s head.  My dogs are all girls, all were shelter dogs, all spayed, small – medium in size and no fighting breeds.  They are a nice “Pack”. Guest Dogs very quickly blend-in, so my girls going out for “First Morning Pee Pees” and “Final Pee Pees” at night – and all the times in between is a big help in Potty Training.   Also, I made my home as Dog-Proof as possible; the floors and furniture are all cleanable with disinfectant, so accidents are no big problem.
Many “Train & Board” places use Shock Collars. If their claims sound too good to be true – it’s probably because they are using shock collars. I Do Not. 
You can bring your dog to me or I can come pick him/her up from a meet-up location
I also offer Remote Training $150 for the Remote Training, specifically individualized for your issues: For many dog issues, it’s really the human who I need to “train”.  I do this with a combination of Phone contact (especially initially, for you to tell me the problems) Course Materials that I email to you,  pictures, graphics, tips about equipment (collars, leashes, easy ways to exercise the dog, lots of great things you probably don’t know yet) and as much support as you need via email, phone or text is included!
Once you have absorbed what I can teach you this way, if you need an
In-person lesson, we can arrange that.